Why take popular culture seriously?

A Speakeasy sponsored by the Faculty of Arts


When + Where: Monday 9 February 2015, 5pm, Faculty of Arts Lounge (SS104)


Is popular culture mere entertainment, or should we take it seriously? Scholars like Simon Frith argue that popular music is an imprint of the social forces that create it. It helps us understand our society, and even Shakespeare was popular in his day. But does Suzanne Collins belong on our bookshelves next to William Blake? Should our playlists shuffle between Mozart and Macklemore? Do Hollywood movies help us understand the world, or just escape from it?

Join us for a talk with faculty, food, and intoxicating conversation.

Confirmed Speakers

Dawn Johnston: Department of Communication, Media, and Film

Peter Dawson: Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

Darin Flynn: Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures

Angie Chiang: Department of Communication, Media, and Film


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