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What’s a university education for?

Second in a series of posts on graduate attributes; here’s the first


As educators, we probably could articulate a few answers to that question. It promotes knowledge about the world, as reflected by our disciplines. It induces curiosity about things, and to make positive change. It gives you the values, dispositions, and skills to be both principled and influential.

It’s much easier to define a university education by what it’s not. It’s not job training, though it gives you the necessary skills for a range of vocations. It’s not about filling you with information, but empowering you with the knowledge that leads to wisdom. It won’t make you rich quick, though it will boost your earning potential. I could wax lyrical about these outcomes all day.

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Algorithmic Criticism: The Poster

English 607 :: Fall 2015 :: Wednesdays, 10:00-12:15 :: SS1015

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