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English 203: The Twitter Assignment

Using twitter in English 203 will help me listen to your reactions to the course material, to make my teaching more responsive to your questions. (As some of you will know, I did this in a larger Shakespeare course last term.) My goal is to encourage you each to ask questions about the course material, questions that will identify “trending topics” (as twitter calls them) in the class at large. I want to help each of you move toward higher-level questions by the end of the course: questions that show not merely how much you know, but how well you think. With time, are you moving from understanding to analyzing, and from analyzing to evaluating? Do you read between the lines, make connections between passages, convey more than one layer of information?

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Resources for First-time Readers of Milton’s *Paradise Lost*

I prepared this list for my English 411 students in Winter 2012, and welcome comments on further suggestions.
  • Mary Fuller’s chronology of events in the poem is helpful for untangling narrative threads.
  • Darkness Visible was prepared by undergraduate students at Christ’s College, Cambridge for the 400th anniversary of the poet’s birthday, in 2008.
  • See here for more materials from that celebration, including podcast lectures by eminent Miltonians: Quentin Skinner, Colin Burrow, Sharon Achinstein,  Geoffrey Hill, and Christopher Ricks.

Representations: of Time

In Fall 2012, I’ll teach a course on “Representations” (ASHA 321) for the University of Calgary’s multidisciplinary Arts and Science Honours Academy. The course description gives me the freedom to provoke thoughts about “issues, inconsistencies and flaws arising from the concept of representation.” Because the students are in both science and arts programs, I’m interested in texts that speak to a range of fields.

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205 Final Exam

Here is a PDF of the English 205 Final Exam as it will appear next week. Important differences between this document and the actual exam are in red type.