My Course Policies

Submission Policy

Make every effort to submit your typed, printed assignments directly to me or (if applicable) to your TA, in class. If that is impossible, take your paper to the Department office (SS1152) and put it in the drop-box, where your paper will be date-stamped and placed in my mailbox. Always keep a copy in case of loss. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. Papers will not be returned by office staff.

Writing assignments must be submitted no later than one calendar week after the due date. Each student is permitted only one extension, on any one assignment, of one day without penalty. (Your first late submission is your one free extension: no exceptions.) Beyond that, I penalize late assignments””submitted after class ends on the due date””at a rate of 5% daily, excluding weekends and university holidays, to a maximum of 25%. After that, you will receive a zero grade on that assignment.

The only legitimate excuse for late submissions is a documented medical emergency””as opposed to less drastic misfortunes like the deaths of beloved family pets. Last-minute technological problems (e.g. printers, mail servers, corrupted files) are your own responsibility. Prevent them from costing you marks by finishing before the due date.

Laptop and Mobile Policy

Computers are allowed in lectures and tutorials only if you use them to take notes, or to use them for other course-related purposes. Those who distract me or their colleagues by using them for other purposes will have this privilege withdrawn.

Set your mobile phone to vibrate and put it away. Do not use it in class, except in case of real emergencies.