Prof. Ullyot’s guide to Effective Critical Writing
My guide to effective critical writing includes advice on drafting and revising, managing your time, citing secondary sources, and avoiding plagiarism.

A Student’s Guide to the Presentation of Essays
The English Department’s guide to essay presentation.

English Department website
Offers information about courses, programs, policies, events and contacts in the Department of English.

Guidelines on e-mail etiquette

Academic regulations and schedules
Consult the calendar for course information, university and faculty regulations, dates, deadlines and schedules, student, faculty and university rights and responsibilities.

Grade appeals
Consult the University Calendar under “Reappraisal of Grades and Academic Appeals.” Please note that “mere dissatisfaction with a decision is not sufficient grounds for the appeal of a grade or other academic decision.”

Deferral of term work and final examinations
Should an extension of time be sought for completion of term papers or assignments beyond the deadline of five days after the end of lectures, an Application of Deferment of Term Work form must be completed. The University also has regulations governing the deferral of final examinations.

Academic accommodation
It is a student’s responsibility to request academic accommodation. If you are a student with a disability who may require academic accommodation and if you have not registered with the Disability Resource Centre, please contact their office at 220-8237. Your academic accommodation letters should be provided to your instructor no later than fourteen (14) days after the commencement of this course. Students who have not registered with the Disability Resource Centre are not eligible for formal academic accommodation.

Students’ Union

  • Student Union VP Academic phone number: 220-3911 and email:
  • Student Union Faculty Representative phone number: 220-3913 and email:
  • The Student Ombuds Office provides independent, impartial and confidential support for students who require assistance and advice in addressing issues and concerns related to their academic careers. The Office also makes recommendations, where appropriate for changes in university policies and procedures while also promoting discussion and focus on institution-wide concerns.

Safewalk Program
Campus Security will escort individuals day or night: call 220-5333. Use any campus phone, emergency phone or the yellow phone located at most parking lot pay booths.

Assembly Points in case of emergency

Access and Privacy Office