Monthly Archives: June 2015

Podcast Prescriptions

I’d be in radio if I wasn’t an academic. Not the WKRP disc-jockey kind of radio, but the tweedy public-radio kind. The kind that produces a 5-hour intellectual biography of Northrop Frye, or Eleanor Wachtel’s long, thoughtful interviews with writers like A.S. Byatt or Kazuo Ishiguro. I mean radio that exposes you to ideas and people and books you haven’t read yet, but should. (Or better yet, the kind that gives you just enough knowledge to get away without reading them.)

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Five things I’ve learned about the Digital Humanities

Melissa Terras wrote recently on the fifth anniversary of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. She closed with this call for responses:

what are the things you’ve learnt about the Digital Humanities in the last five years, from where you stand?

This blog post is my attempt at an answer.

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