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A3 Model Answers

In Fall 2010, A3 had the same instructions, but was about a different text (As You Like It). Its three essay questions are below, followed by links to answers by three students who got very good marks on the assignment, and agreed to let their work serve as models.

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English 205: Assignment 3 (10%)

Due date: Thursday, December 8th, 2011 (in tutorial)


Choose one of three essay questions, below, on Cymbeline.

Then write one complete paragraph as an introduction, which clearly describes your argument and your methods, and culminates in an underlined thesis statement. (This is the only paragraph you will write.)

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English 205: Assignment 2 (7.5%)

Due date: Thursday 17 November, in tutorial

Your response must begin with an underlined thesis statement (a sentence stating your argument in clear, direct, and precise language). Remember, a valid argument can have a counter-argument.

Listen to these three radio adaptations of Hamlet 2.2 (pages 38-55):

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