English 205: Assignment 3 (10%)

Due date: Thursday, December 8th, 2011 (in tutorial)


Choose one of three essay questions, below, on Cymbeline.

Then write one complete paragraph as an introduction, which clearly describes your argument and your methods, and culminates in an underlined thesis statement. (This is the only paragraph you will write.)

Follow this paragraph with a detailed outline of at least five paragraphs, which form the essay’s body and conclusion. Each paragraph will offer a distinct part of your larger argument””remember the skills you practiced in E4″”and each will follow in logical sequence. (You will not write these paragraphs, only outline them.)

Each outlined paragraph will be a series of five or more point-form sentences, and each outlined paragraph will also quote from the play at least twice (two or more lines in each instance). (Quote correctly, as you did in E3.)

Your final outlined paragraph, the conclusion, should raise the larger issues or questions that your argument provokes.


  1. Characters in Cymbeline seem to be very interested in external qualities like clothing, locality, and social status””both their own, and those of others. What relationship do these external qualities have with individual identities?
  2. There’s a doubleness to much of the action of this play: first we see it, and then we listen to characters describe it. Why? What is the relationship between seeing and hearing things in Cymbeline?
  3. Cymbeline documents the dissolution of a family, then joyously and somewhat miraculously puts it back together, made whole again” (David Bergeron). What evidence suggests that this reconstructed royal family is “happier much by [their] affliction made,” as Jupiter says in a different context?

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