Call for Submissions: Digital Appropriations of Shakespeare

to a new “Digital Appropriations” section of Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation (or B&L)

B&L is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing original scholarship on the afterlives of Shakespearean texts and their literary, filmic, multimedia, and critical histories. We publish two issues, online, per year: < >. In addition to articles and article clusters (groups of two or more related articles with a short introduction by the cluster editor), we regularly publish three dedicated sections: Appropriations in Performance, Notes, and Book Reviews.

We are pleased to announce a new fourth section, “Digital Appropriations,” edited by Dr. Michael Ullyot, Assistant Professor (English) at the University of Calgary: < > or < >.

We seek thesis-driven reviews of the following:

  1. Digital editions and encoded texts, particularly those focused on research and teaching applications. That includes student editions/multimedia apps; TEI-compliant encoded texts for adaptation, visualization, &c.; and other text-based resources.
  2. Projects, databases, visualizations, and other resources that build on Shakespeare’s texts and performance archives.

We also welcome proposals for reviews of digital objects that fall outside of these categories, including games or social-media appropriations.

Send queries, including proposals for reviews or review clusters, to the section editor: < ullyot[at] >.

We prefer thesis-driven reviews that make arguments about digital objects, rather than primarily descriptive or evaluative reviews. Arguments can focus on Shakespeare within the reviewed application or tool, or upon the digital affordances of these Shakespeare objects for teaching or research.

Reviews are normally between 1000 and 3000 words. We encourage authors to embed links and media, as appropriate, to take advantage of B&L’s medium, and to consult Richard Lanham’s Revising Prose or Joseph Williams’s Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace as they edit their work. Upon acceptance, we will ask authors to verify all citations and to put their essays into the journal’s house style.

B&L is co-edited by co-founders Dr. Christy Desmet < cdesmet[at] >and Dr. Sujata Iyengar < iyengar[at] >; please address editorial correspondence to lenders[at] or to Managing Editor Ms. Maria Chappell < machapp[at] >.


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