Birds of a Feather @ DHSI2014

41311696_16ef86e2a7_mIf you’re coming to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute June 2-6, we’d like to remind you of the Birds of a Feather sessions happening Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after classes from 4:15 to 5:15 (see schedule).

These conversations will start with brief interventions by two ‘provocateurs’ and will be moderated by a respondent. Most of our time will be spent in discussion with the audience, both in-person and on Twitter, with the hashtag #dhsiBOF (view Hashtracking stats). There will be three sessions:

1 / Tuesday — Future Tense: Where Are We Going and Who Is With Us?

  • “If the digital humanities is successful, it will disappear,” as Mike Witmore said at the 2013 MLA. As big-tent DH brings in more collaborators beyond humanities disciplines, what will the “D” and “H” stand for? Is every humanist a digital humanist now?
  • Provocateurs: Susan Brown (U Guelph) and John Simpson (U Alberta)
  • Respondent: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell U)

2 / Wednesday — Open-Source Research: P.R. or Peer Review?

  • Methodological openness is a key feature of many DH projects. We think, write, and analyze data in open forums, using social networks as intellectual networks. What impacts are these research methods having on DH and on humanities research more broadly? Is this openness just public relations, or is it building a new peer-review model?
  • Provocateurs: André de Avillez (Penn State U) and Andie Silva (Wayne State U)
  • Respondent: Michael Ullyot (U Calgary)

3 / Thursday — Digital Humanities: The Next Generation

  • What responsibility do we have to prepare emerging digital humanists for careers in and out of the academy, and how are we working to meet those goals? This session considers professionalization in classrooms, at conferences, through mentoring, in social media, and beyond.
  • Provocateurs: Erin E. Templeton (Converse C) and Laura Mandell (Texas A&M U)
  • Respondent: Laura Estill (Texas A&M U)

We look forward to seeing you there!

From the @dhsiBOF organizers:
Laura Estill
Diane Jakacki
Michael Ullyot

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