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D2L Coaches are one of the four supports available to faculty members in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Arts.

Because sometimes, amid all the helplines and job aids, you just need to work with a real live person.

So how and when are the coaches available?

  • From September 2014 to April 2015
  • Make an appointment by calling (403) 220 2000, or e-mailing d2larts@ucalgary.ca

Who are they, and why might I need them?

The coaches are six graduate students with experience supporting D2L for our colleagues in Science and Education. (No good idea goes un-poached around here.)

You might need them if:

  • you’ve done some D2L training, in person or online
  • you’re struggling with a particular task or problem
  • you’d like to work with a real live person
  • you tried Googling your questions, looking at YouTube, and the university’s own Instructor Resources

How does this system work?

First, you need a specific task or problem. Contact the coaches by calling (403) 220 2000, or e-mailing d2larts@ucalgary.ca. They will determine what kind of help you need, and arrange a follow-up appointment:

  • Drop-in appointments, at the Program Information Centre (SS102).
  • Telephone appointments, where the coach walk you through a process, and occasionally do a screen-share, in which the coach will control your computer remotely to demonstrate a solution.
  • ‘House’ calls, which will involve the coach coming to your office.
  • E-mails, if your issue can be resolved quickly.

How many appointments can I make?

  • The coaches will help you as many times as you need. But when times get busy, please expect them to keep appointments brief, and to give more time to those who haven’t worked with them before.
  • Depending on demand, they may limit the number of appointments you can make: particularly in the first two weeks of each term.

How do I get the best results from my appointments?

  • Come with a specific task or problem in mind. Remember, some D2L issues (especially if you’re doing trying something brand new) may require more time for the coaches to work through with you.
  • Give your coaches plenty of lead time. Remember that they are working with your colleagues on D2L as well, so your patience is appreciated.

Any questions? Contact Michael Ullyot, Associate Dean (Teaching + Learning).

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