Digital Distractions in the Classroom

On Wednesday 29 October, from 11-12 p.m. in SS1339, the Faculty of Arts Teaching + Learning Committee will host a workshop on Digital Distractions in the Classroom, presented by Julie Sedivy from LLC (Linguistics, Languages and Cultures), who was recently the focus of a story in Swerve magazine on this subject. She’s published a book on the psychology of advertisements and she blogs for Psychology Today.

Click here to register in advance, if you don’t mind. (Why? See below.)

Electronic devices have become ubiquitous fixtures in life and in the classroom. Yet many instructors feel that their use in class creates a barrier to learning.  What role should instructors play in defining their use in the classroom, and how can instructors encourage their students to use their devices in a more strategic and productive manner, in class and beyond?

You’ll leave this workshop with a draft of your own digital policy for use in future teaching. In advance, please look at this PBS Mediashift story on how a digitally-focused instructor at N.Y.U. struggled with his decision to ban laptops.

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