Ideas in Practice

A guest post by Theresa Kenney on gamification in #engl205. This post is an introduction to Theresa’s mini-series about designing and delivering badges


It’s one thing to brainstorm ideas and another to put them to work. After scribbling down inconclusive ideas based on research reports about gamification in Higher Ed, Michael and I were compelled to join the ‘Gamification in Higher Ed’ club. We wanted to present a ‘tangible’ award system to students for #engl205. But how?

As Michael previously explained in this series, we made our decisions on what kind of gamification would implemented and how. But in practice, the process was much more complicated.

Therefore, here begins my mini-series on our #engl205 ideas in practice. The next three blog posts will explain:

  1. The gears and parts of our award-system. That is, how it worked and interacted with students (a two-parter beginning here).
  2. And what my expectations were with using points and badges, and the outcomes and provoking questions that came up after implementation (*coming soon*).


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