Homepage of Yore

Back in the olden days of 2006, I was applying for tenure-track jobs. I spent every available minute on those applications: anxiously revising my letter of application or preparing talking-points for the campus visit. (“Oh yes, I’d walk over hot coals to teach Old English homilies…”)

I also made time to create this web site — which looks like a blog, but actually isn’t. It’s a glorified CV/teaching dossier/Tumblr-esque compilation of thoughts, syllabi, quotations, and images. Reading it now I see the online persona I was projecting, as someday I will when I read through this WordPress archive.

I ultimately stopped updating that site in 2010, and migrated to this blog.

But I’m grateful for what my former site taught me: not just how to write a good CSS stylesheet, and how RSS courses through the internet’s veins — but how to think aloud, how to post the fragments and building-blocks of my ideas, how to share work digitally before it’s ready for print. And how to randomize images like the typeface of my biography page, or the banners atop every other page.  (Click ‘reload’ a few times to check them out: they were a lot of work, and I’m still pretty happy with them. )

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