Homepage of Yore

Back in the olden days of 2006, I was applying for tenure-track jobs. I spent every available minute on those applications: anxiously revising my letter of application or preparing talking-points for the campus visit. (“Oh yes, I’d walk over hot coals to teach Old English homilies…”)

I also made time to create this web site — which looks like a blog, but actually isn’t. It’s a glorified CV/teaching dossier/Tumblr-esque compilation of thoughts, syllabi, quotations, and images. Reading it now I see the online persona I was projecting, as someday I will when I read through this WordPress archive.

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New Year, New Theme

My old WordPress theme was getting obsolete, so I’ve gone Back to the Future with a ‘new’ theme released in 2017 (new to me, anyway). It has multiple advantages: like  publishing categories more transparently, for instance.

There should still be some errant [bracketed] tags here and there, which I’ll replace in due course. (Some of the categories, like the newsletters on teaching and learning that I used to publish when I was Associate Dean, were littered with them, but I think I’ve removed them all now.) Most of the site now looks pretty functional, I hope. As ever, suggestions and reports are welcome.