The Learning Technologies Task Force (LTTF), a committee of the Provost and Vice-President Academic at the University of Calgary, is nearing completion and will issue its report in a couple of months. Our focus is on learning experiences that are enhanced and enabled by technology.

One of our final steps has been to think creatively about Learning Spaces: real and virtual, on and off campus. How do spaces — classrooms, labs, onscreen interfaces, libraries, studios, study spaces, or wherever else you learn — enable or disable your learning? What are the University of Calgary’s best and worst learning spaces? What kinds of space enhance your learning, and why? If you ran the university, what would they look and feel like?

We want your photos, sketches, videos, screenshots, rants, instagrams, tweets (#LearningSpaces), vines, and anything else you can send to Michael Ullyot, Associate Dean (Teaching + Learning) in the Faculty of Arts. Use twitter.com/artsadtl or just post your comments below. Thanks in advance.

23 Responses to “#LearningSpaces”

  1. Anna

    As a continuing education student, I find it difficult to focus in rooms with no windows, such as the ones in the basement of the Education Block, or in the downtown campus. When I did my undergrad here a decade ago, I studied in the Atrium, surrounded by plants and natural light, and loved it.

  2. Barb

    My best learning space is one with a second monitor – so I can double my screens and have a much easier time going through data or tutorials!


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