D2L Resources for Teaching Assistants

[A message for teaching assistants in the Faculty of Arts. If you’re a faculty member, click here.]

As we approach the Fall term, the Faculty of Arts wants to help you use Desire2Learn: the system that recently replaced Blackboard. It gives instructors the ability to manage courses, email students, collect and grade assignments, run online discussions, track student grades, and more. It’s likely that some component of your TAships will require you to work in this system.

So here are some details on two resources that will help: training, and online resources.

1 / Training

Training is available for instructors, teaching assistants and students; here is the monthly schedule. There are ‘Getting Started’ sessions, and others on specific tasks, like quizzes/surveys, assignments & grades, modules & calendars, &c.

But there are also five sessions dedicated exclusively to TAs, on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Registration is required; see this PDF for details.

 2 / Online resources

  • These five YouTube videos, created specifically for the U of C, cover the basics.
  • D2L’s own Resource Center [sic] is more comprehensive, and searchable.
  • The university’s own eLearning site has a thorough list of FAQs, Manuals, and task-specific resources.
  • Finally, an internet search for questions like “how do I create modules in D2L?” offers plenty of resources outside the university, though their interfaces will look different from ours.

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