New Slate of D2L Workshops for Arts Faculty

Eight new Arts-faculty-only workshops on D2L are now available, this week and next. [UPDATE on 2014-09-11: Workshops are now open to Teaching Assistants, too.] The first is rather short notice, but if you’re new to the system this week then some help can’t come too soon. All are in MB 203B (MacKimmie Block).

Click on a date to register. Each workshop has 20 spaces, so some may already be full.

If you have Teaching Assistants, send them this link.

Those topics again:

Getting Started in D2L: 1-hour introductions to the system: activating courses; navigating around; building your course content (modules, files, links, descriptions, &c.); contacting students; and so on.

Setting up Your Gradebook: An orientation to D2L Grades, and adding items to the gradebook to reflect your course assignments. Time permitting, it will also cover the basics of Dropbox, the assignment-submission system that integrates with your gradebook and/or rubrics, and allows you to return feedback to students.

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