Visitor surveillance, 365 days a year

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I know things about my site’s readers. Okay, let’s drop the passive voice: I know things about you, dear readers.

Like what? The Jetpack plugin — which I activated a year ago on this WordPress blog — tells me that I’ve had 9,923 page-visits in 12 months, and about 29 per day since the beginning of 2014. The numbers fluctuate wildly, peaking when I send out irregular Teaching + Learning newsletters to the Faculty of Arts list here at the University of Calgary.

But those six aren’t the most popular posts of all time: that would be my #LearningSpaces post that got a lot of RTs on Twitter, and earned more comments than any other post. My bio page and another (that needs a style update) on effective critical writing also earn the most frequent visits.

So where are all of you coming from? I can see that my December visitors are 1 person from India — but then, this month is only 8+ hours old. (Not in India!) This would be anomalous; most of my international visits come from the United States, with the UK, Spain, and Brazil rounding out the top five. (It’s nice to be big in Brazil.) Here are those numbers:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 08.49.56

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