English 205: The Final Exam (25%)

The final exam will be two hours long; it will be scheduled by the Registrar. Students must be available for examinations up to the last day of the examination period.

The exam will test your ability to apply the techniques of writing and criticism that we have developed throughout the course to As You Like It, Hamlet, Cymbeline and the critical readings {C} we have done.

It will include sight passages from each of Shakespeare’s three plays, which you must identify and whose significance you must explain. It will also include a longer essay on the plays and the biographies and critical readings from the course reader {C}.

The exam will be open-book: you may use your annotated copies of the plays and critical readings {C}, but no other notes or books.

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  1. ullyot

    I’d like to clarify & amend these instructions. The only critical readings ({C} on the schedule) you will be responsible for are the selections from Bate and Greenblatt, which we read in weeks 1 and 2. So there’s no need to bring any others to the exam. These two readings will only be helpful to you for Section B, the longer essay.


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