Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards

The Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards acknowledge teaching excellence as critically important to our faculty; they recognize undergraduate and graduate teaching in the areas of classroom instruction, course design, curriculum development, and innovation in teaching methods. Excellent teachers are individuals who exhibit zest for teaching and instill a love of learning, stimulate critical thinking in their students, create an engaging learning experience, and are innovative and creative in their teaching methods, course design, and curriculum development.Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Emerging teacher (within seven years of completing terminal degree) (1 award per year)
  2. Established teacher (more than seven years from completion of terminal degree) (1 award per year)
  3. Graduate students responsible for teaching a three-credit one-hour course (1 award per year)

Faculty members make nominations for teaching awards annually. Nominees must hold continuing or limited-term appointments in order to be eligible. The nomination package should include:

  • A nomination letter.
  • A teaching dossier with evidence of the nominee’s teaching practices, teaching philosophy statement, and both quantitative and qualitative student evaluations for at least one course. Further evidence is at nominee’s discretion.
  • The teaching dossier should focus on the nominee’s past three years of teaching.

Application packages should not exceed ten (10) pages – plus qualitative student evaluations, which must be transcribed in full.

Nomination Deadline: April 18, 2014

Nominations should be submitted via email to grodgers@ucalgary.ca

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